School-safe snack options are limited and moms are torn between feeding their children snacks that kids will eat and snacks that are nutritious and safe to bring to school.

For decades Bear Paws has been one of Quebec’s favourite cookies among elementary school children. Its nutritional value and peanut free designation made it an easy choice for moms to put into lunch bags.


Bear Paws


Dare Foods

What We Did

Brand Architecture

Bear Paws’ success

in the past ten years has resulted in a steady expansion of the core line and eventually led to the introduction of the brand into new categories.

Our challenge was to maintain the brand voice

and key visual equities of the brand across the line while  establishing a clear differentiation among the sub-brands through colour coding and nomenclature. We kept the sub-brand nomenclature descriptive, so as not to compete with the master brand and to avoid any confusion among shoppers in finding the right product.

At the segment level, flavour and format are the key elements guiding the shopper’s decision tree

We utilized a system of colour coding to identify segments and differentiate flavours.

This improved find-ability especially on repeat purchases where shoppers are greatly reliant on colour for variant identification.


The newly redesigned system increased the brand’s shelf visibility by 15% (Reach from 74% to 89%).

Paid conversion rate increased by +60%, boosting both $ sales and market share.