School-permissible snack options are limited and moms are torn between feeding their children snacks that kids will eat and snacks that are nutritious and safe to bring to school.

For decades Bear Paws has been one of Quebec’s favourite cookies among elementary school children. Its nutritional value and peanut free designation made it an easy choice for moms to put into lunch bags.


Bear Paws


Dare Foods

What We Did

Packaging Re-Design

The result of the national rollout were as not as strong as expected

The package underperformed at shelf – both shelf impact and purchase conversion numbers were low. Marovino was asked to redesign the brand to be more visible on shelf, but in order to stand out among more established brands, Bear paws had to appeal to children as well as moms in a more dramatic fashion.

A key challenge for our design team was to increase pack presence in-store whilst improve appeal with moms and kids

Based upon key insights, focus of effort was on building a stronger personality of the Bear (named Pawley), one that could be applied not only to packaging but advertising and social media as well. Our belief was that Pawley held the key to standing out on-shelf within an extremely competitive category and at the same time, be used to better engage with moms and kids. The plan was also to expand the brand into several platforms. Our visual shelf audit identified which brands were performing well against the existing design. It also informed our design team what colours and design elements worked best within the context of this category.

Heat maps created during our category audit showed a very fragmented shelf with various brands vying for a share of attention – but none were really winning. This presented an opportunity for us to take centre stage.

We know from third party research studies that Pawley’s eyes are his most powerful attribute

As such, our creative solution focused on bringing out the magic of the eyes. We wanted the brand to “connect” with shoppers as they walked by, capturing both their attention and interest.

More shopper attention means more business potential, whereas interest is a key ingredient to turning this potential into higher purchase conversion. Growing purchase conversion also means getting the proposition right: understanding the shoppers’ decision tree and prioritizing the firing order of messages to the consumer. We also needed to make sure that it was very easy for the shopper to see how the products are grouped (segmentation) and to help them make their final choice easier.

We developed a style guide for Pawley

so that all creative partners could interpret, follow and innovate various uses for Pawley in a fashion that is consistent with the desired brand character.


Increased shelf impact and more engaging packaging drove purchase conversion +60%


The old package suffered from low shelf impact: Shopper’s attention was divided among several brands – none of which had strong shelf presence


The redesigned package created an effective brand-block that commanded the attention of shoppers and directly increased purchase conversion by double digit pp.

Shopper attention

As measured through V-SHOPPER, the new design garnered significantly more shopper attention. Of particular note is the +22pp increase in shopper reach within the first 10 seconds, when 80% of shopper decisions are made.

Business impact

The redesigned package increased paid conversion rate +60%, boosting both $ sales and market share.