We wanted a symbol that was immediately identifiable with the Park, but also one that represented Anthony’s vision and high aspirations for his Belgian Style beer. 

The brand required an architecture that would accommodate four core beers plus seasonal beers that would come into rotation at different times throughout the year.

There were several factors that we had to take into consideration:  The retail environment in British Columbia like the Beer Store in Ontario was mostly a behind-the counter operation with a very limited number of brands on display for shoppers to choose from. 

Licensee sales would make up a significant portion of total sales The label design had to be visible even in bars and clubs with low ambient light.

Our design objective was to capture the essence of the brand as it was presented to us by Anthony.

The words that resonated with us were Proud, Genuine and Authentic. Our challenge was to find an iconic symbol that would unmistakably represent the Brand and pay homage to the park at the same time.

The lions felt right for the brand. We felt that it had the right strategic associations with the brand. The history of the bridge built by Lord Stanley of Stanley Cup fame certainly worked for us, not to mention the fact that thousands of commuters see the lions on a daily basis on their way to and from work ….the wheels were in motion.

We chose Black and gold as the primary colours because they are classic colours that speak to luxury and tradition. Anthony often referred to the beer as a “Luxury” beer. That resonated strongly with us and influenced our final choice of colours. 

Old packaging

New packaging

After the re-branding, Stanley Park enjoyed a full year of robust growth, due mainly to a series of successful launches, supported by a sustained Social Media campaign. It was acquired in late 2015 by Labatt Breweries.

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