Genuine Health is one of Canada’s leading brands of supplements committed to original research, validation of formulas and credibility within the natural health industry since the mid 90’s.

Competitive encroachment from US brands and the fragmentation of categories in our domestic market in recent years, resulted in a slow decline in sales, year over year. This prompted our client to reassess their portfolio and renovate the brand for better shelf presence and improved findability.




Genuine Health

What We Did

Packaging Re-Design


How to reinvigorate sales with a category leader 

The design footprint developed for the brand at the time, worked well for a limited number of SKU’s. However as the brand expanded  The footprint didn’t offer the flexibility that the packaging system required to achieve the right balance between a family look and a system of clearly differentiated segments, able to compete on their own.


We set out to underscore the fact that every ingredient is a real ingredient -very carefully selected and blended to achieve the ‘perfect’ balance of nutrients. To do so we had to step out of the supplement mind-set and look at the brand from a nutrition perspective, as if we were selling food. This helped us to unlock the brand from a rigid, monolithic footprint to one that spoke of freshness and wholesome ingredients with every package. The ‘carousel’ of ingredients became the common visual bull’s eye that connects every product in the line while also helping to differentiate it. 


Visibility on shelf of the new design increased by 12%.

Among core users, reach increased by 82%

Purchase conversion among category buyers increased by 27%



We hired John Marovino and his team to rebrand our packaging and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The previous packaging had been in market for about 3 years, and was not resonating with consumers in a very competitive marketplace.

Starting with the insightful research that the team at Marovino brought was key. Their research tool was extremely effective and it showed that our current packaging was falling down on key consumer drivers of purchase and reveled valuable insights by channel. The design that followed from the research was consumer driven and John’s team work amazingly with our creative

Team to bring the brand to life in a away that it hasn’t been done before. Almost immediately our retail partners began to comment on how the packaging is jumping off the shelf and continuing to driving sales. The design is impactful, creative, beautiful and speaks directly to our target market and the team is an absolute pleasure to work with. Great partners all around.

Lisa Jagatia

Vice President of Marketing – Genuine Health